Taichi's Japanese School of Volleyball

Taichi's Japanese School of Volleyball

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Welcome to the Japanese School of Volleyball featuring your coach Taichi Kawaguchi, Professional Japanese libero. Explore the disciplined style of Japanese volleyball usually hidden behind lock and key.


Japanese Volleyball is very different from what we learn in the west. It's technical and more advance. The Japanese team is usually outmatched in height but still ranks amongst the top countries in the world for volleyball.


This course is set to explore this and show you that volleyball is more than just height and power. Explore a disciplined and versatile style from which every pro I know still learns. A need for all undersized players and those looking to level up from the most technically skilled region.

Day 1: Setting Progression

Day 2: Japanese Setting Philosophy

Day 3: Becoming an Efficient Defender

Day 4: Defensive Positioning

Day 5: Blocker and Defender Relationship

Day 6: Defensive Mentality

Day 7: Key to Success


This course is subbed and breaks the language barrier that's stopped many from learning the secrets behind the efficiency and raw skill of the Japanese style.

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