TJ Sanders Setters Clinic

TJ Sanders Setters Clinic

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Do you feel like you're falling behind? your skill level as a setter isn't where you want it to be.  Too readable? Making poor decisions? Can't organize your offense? Your hitters rarely get 1v1's or 1v0's? or just want that insight into what it takes to be a olympic setter?

Well then you're at the right place.

Welcome, my name is Tyler James Sanders but you can call me TJ.

I'm the Canadian national team setter, Olympian, polish champion, NORCECA Volleyball Champion, FIVB & pan am games bronze medalist.

After a long career of almost 10 years pro, I've finally decided to pass on my lessons as a setter.

Everything from how I started, what helped me grow, and what I wish I knew early on in my career.

I'll be going deep into:

  • My best drills for more consistent sets
  • 2 fun warm up drills that get you game ready
  • My favorite drill to get that consistent feel in your hands with every set
  • Partner drills you can practice with only 2 people
  • Lessons from the national team psychologist to help you reset in games
  • How to run an offense optimally
  • Creating a game plan and what to do if it goes wrong
  • Giving yourself as many advantages as possible before the ball's even served
  • My secret technique to keep a cool head after messing up multiple sets
  • and so much more 

Let's dive into what it takes to set phenomenally. Watch me and some of the best setters in the nation perform drills, corrections, and common mistakes.

I'll provide variations and help you correct your bad habits 1 set at a time. Along with this a pre-training presentation passing on mentality technique and getting game ready.

So lets go all in, come with me on the journey of being the best setter you can be.

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