The NEB Way Podcast Ep #01 Jonas Plass

Let's go ALL IN!

The NEB Way Podcast is here and it is live! The NEB Way Podcast is all about exploring different and creative edges on and off the court to propel you towards your highest self. My mission is to help build a more confident, clearer and resilient athlete by interviewing current athletes, former athletes and other leaders throughout the world that take a mindful approach towards each day.

For the 1st podcast, I interviewed Jonas Plass, an 2012 Olympian for Germany in the 4x400m relays and World Championship Finalist. He is now retired and is working as a Tantric Hatha Yoga teacher, while working to bridge mindfulness training with younger athletes on a 1x1 basis.

I first met Jonas in Berlin through a mutual friend but our connection was very brief as he left to Bali soon thereafter. Recently Jonas reached out to me and we connected on a call, a call so powerful that I realized it was a calling for me to create a podcast and share his insights with the rest of the world.

Some of the topics we explored were:

The pain teacher.

Finding yoga through back pain.

Misconceptions of yoga

The benefits of meditation

Pushing beyond the physical body

Creating space to evolve.

The power of equanimity


Comment below and what you would you would like to learn from the next guest and I'll see who I can find that aligns with your curiosity for a better way.

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