It all starts with YOU - Meet Coach Steve

Close your eyes. Sit and think back to a moment where you felt completely out of control. So out of control that you have no clue how to grasp the control you desperately desire. It’s a feeling that can feel paralyzing and can consume your thoughts & actions. I’m going to share something with you. We’ve ALL been there. At one point in time in our lives we’ve desperately sought to have more control of a situation. More control of our actions. More control of our thoughts. More control in general. The only challenge with this seeking of control is that the last place we look is the first place that we need to focus. 

The place we need to look first is the MIRROR. That’s right. I said it. We need to look at ourselves first. It’s hard at first. Very hard. You’re reading this though. This tells me that you are willing to tackle the hard. You are willing to take time and focus on you. That is seriously one of the hardest things for anyone to do. 

Now where do we go from here? 

The answer to that question is completely up to you. You get to choose the steps that you take.. You get the opportunity to choose how to intentionally live the life that you want to see. So, I’ll leave you with the same question that I asked above just re-worded….

Where do YOU want to go from here?

Let us know how you are answering this question. To be intentional about how you want to live your life, you first need to know where you want to go. Do you have someone that you think would benefit from hearing messages like this? Forward them this newsletter and have them subscribe. We want to help you unlock the life you want to be living. 



  • I want to work on being more intentional and figure out a plan to get the small gains and grow consistently

    Matt Bohaty
  • Next step? I want to book more speaking engagements. I paused during the pandemic and im ready to dive all in to that part of my business again. Great reminder to be intentional and we can pick our next step!

  • I am 68 and still coaching young girls. I want to be that coach! I am not even sure what that looks like …….calm and confident

    Kim Fairchild

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